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Discover Lansford

The town of Lansford is located 12 miles from the popular tourist town of Jim Thorpe. The Valley, a.k.a “Panther Valley,” in which Lansford resides, was owned and subdivided into separate lots by the Lehigh Coal & Navigation Company which began development of structures in this area by 1827.

Lansford saw growth with the development of local anthracite coal mines. The origins of the “Molly Maguires" begin in this town. It was named after Asa Lansford Foster who was a known advocate for merging small towns that developed around these coal mines. Today, the No. 9 Coal Mine serves as the world’s largest coal mine tour and attraction.”


Plan Your Visit

Take the self-guided history tour! If Museums, murder, and the mine perk your interest. Pick up a self-guided tour brochure at the No. 9 Coal Mine, or the Lansford Historical Society Museum.

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