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Lehigh River Stocking Association Receives Update from Army Corps of Engineers

On 18 December 2021, the LRSA contacted the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Public Affairs Office to re-quest an update on the Francis E. Walter Re-evaluation Study. We received the following response from their office:

As you know, the study purpose is to determine if structural or operational modifications can be implemented without impacting the dam’s authorized flood risk management and recreation purposes. We’ve ruled out the option to raise the dam.
We are analyzing the option to increase storage behind the dam (varying levels between elevation 1370 and 1392) but only during emergency drought situations. However, we have to conduct significant environmental and engineering analyses and modeling to determine if it’s possible. Because of that, we’ve requested additional funding and time to conduct those analyses. The study timeline and path forward depends on the result of that request (made to our higher headquarters).

Steve Rochette
Public Affairs Officer
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Philadelphia District

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