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Mahoning Drive-in Theater to open for 69th Season Friday April 27

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April 26, 2018
The Mahoning Drive-in Theater located on Seneca Road in Lehighton will open for their 69th season this Friday, April 27th with their annual double feature; The Wizard of Oz and Willy Wonka. (films will also be presented on Saturday, April 28th). The crew welcomes families to enjoy a weekend under the stars.
Theater management is incredibly excited about this season and the growing popularity of the theater. “We have people travel across the country to see our 35mm prints splashed across that 109 foot CinemaScope screen (which is the second largest in the US). The nation-wide love for our passion is truly inspiring. We are so proud that our mission to save this drive-in has shifted into a movement toward reviving the drive-in culture.” Says Virgil Cardamone.
The crew has many exciting and news worthy happenings this season. A documentary about The Mahoning has been winning awards over the past few months and will premiere at the drive-in in May..  
The team at Mazzella Enterprises here in Lehighton have teamed with The Mahoning again this year to preserve their historic roadside marquee (which was damaged in a winter storm).
By exclusively showing classic movies on original 35mm film they have gained National recognition and set themselves apart as the "alternative theater".  
Planned events for the 2018 season include: Wizard of Oz & Willy Wonka, Bill Murray Weekend, Scorsese Weekend, ZombieFest III, Bill & Ted Weekend, Christmas in July, Universal Monsters, Vampire Party, Indiana Jones Trilogy, and much much more. New shows are announced weekly via their social media.
A full list of events, showings and times can be found at the Mahoning Drive-In website, www.mahoningdit.com or on their facebook page. Anyone interested in learning more about the drive, featured press, scheduling tours or helping the drive-in maintain their growing business may contact Virgil Cardamone directly at (215)-450-5914.
About the Mahoning Drive-In Theater: The Mahoning Drive-In Theater is located at 635 Seneca Road west of Lehighton, Pennsylvania. It was built in 1947, and opened for its first season the following year. Since then, it has entertained moviegoers for over half a century on the largest CinemaScope screen in Pennsylvania! The theater has been through many changes over the past few years, but their goal will never change; To deliver you a true love of film, film-making, and the nostalgic movie going experience you can only get at the drive-in!

-Virgil Cardamone-
{Mahoning Drive-in Theater}