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GreenLeaf Gallery and Gift Shop New Shows

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June 18, 2018
Starting later this June, the Gallery will host two new shows. We will be comparing the works of different artists in a new show, “Cross-Patterns.” Here are a few examples in which we’ll analyze different approaches to outwardly similar subjects: 
A comparison of different genres: photography and painting, between John Prendergast’s “Zebra Grass” and Leith Kennedy’s “Bamboo”. John, from Beaver Meadows studies the abstract patterns of naturally striated grasses in digital photography while Leith, from Australia created a very large abstract acrylic painting of bamboo, with very similar effects. 
We look at very different emotional studies of similar environments with Matthew Sansom’s “Companionship” showing a young man and his beloved dog together on an Australian seashore, while “Quiet Evening” by Sergey Kaplin (Russia/Belgium) takes a Neo-Classical Gauguin and Cezanne-like look at color and form. “Pouty Boy” by Tom Acevedo of Dorchester, Massachusetts looks at a visibly lonely boy at a lakeside location; it’s much more inward-turning, and less relational. 
Similar techniques and color choices link Arthur Voronov’s “Breath of the Red Deer” from Zaporizhia, Ukraine and Shirley Gloman’s “Woodland Waterway.” Both apply their paints with palette knives to achieve similar colors and textures, but with very different final goals. 
Shirley Gloman’s study of "Reflections in a Broken Window" reveals important similarities and differences with Tom Acevedo’s “Flying the Coop.” The glass allows for multiple layers of subject in a superficially naturalistic manner.
We see different effects through photorealism, photography, and rougher drawing in studies of canines in the works of Mary Anne Shafer (Lehighton, PA), Steve Glicken (Beaver Meadows, PA), Amy Ringholz (Hazleton, PA), Linda Mann (Lehighton, PA/Tucson, AZ), and in a fabric collage from Kingston, PA. They show very different concept and emotional relationships to their subjects.
Come see these and many other comparative works and join us in discussing them!
An adjunct to this show will be a stunning mini-show of more works by Shirley Gloman, a wonderful local prize-winning painter and draftsman from Hazleton, PA who is not as well-known as she deserves. Shirley and her husband are sadly in poor health. We’ll be showing a broad selection of her beautiful paintings and drawings as a benefit for them. 90% of all profits from her works will go to her, her husband, and her family. All purchases will bring you joy and help this wonderful artist! Special thanks to Shirley's family and her lovely neighbor, Domenica Serra, for their enormous help bringing her work to our gallery.
And don't forget Bob Lippi's tap dance fun on June 23! Begins at 1:00--any and all other tappers are invited to join in on the portable floor. Bring your shoes!
Steve Glicken and John Prendergast
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