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Eckley Miners’ Village is thrilled to announce the return of Patchtown Days

May 17, 2022
For Immediate Release:  Eckley Miners’ Village is thrilled to announce the return of Patchtown Days to the historic mining town June 18th and 19th 2022.
Contact:  Bode Morin, (570) 636-2070 or

Eckley, PA.   Mark your calendars for June 18th and 19th and plan to head down to Eckley. The historic patchtown is excited to announce the return of Patchtown Days with our partners at the Carbon Chamber & Economic Development Corp. and the Folk Arts Alliance at the Walk-In Arts Center.  Site Administrator Dr. Bode Morin says, “We are thrilled to return Patchtown Days to the public.  It has been three long years since the last major event and we’re very excited to showcase the village and regional arts and culture to visitors and community!  This year we’re working closely with the Carbon Chamber and Walk-In Arts Center to bring more regional music and arts to the history of Eckley.”   Alice Wanamaker, Executive Director of the Carbon Chamber & Economic Development Corp. said, “We are honored to be part of the festival this year that celebrates the rich history that built our communities and commerce in our region. Bringing together history and the arts while highlighting our heritage is magical.”
The two-day event will feature continuous music by traditional musicians Dave Matsinko, Norm Williams with Russ Rentler, the Faculty Brass, Anne and Mike Ballione, Frank Balon, Paul Riffon, and songs and stories with Katy Long and Dave Matsinko.  We will also host several local artists who will demonstrate their crafts, arts vendors, food trucks, and the Eckley Players will perform.  The museum exhibitions will be open and air-conditioned, and interpreted houses will be open for viewing.
Eckley Miners’ Village is committed to preserving and interpreting the lives and culture of people from around the world who came to Northeast Pennsylvania to mine anthracite coal and fuel American’s early industrial might.  The village is located in Foster Township, Luzerne County, three miles south of Freeland.  The site is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission with the support of the Eckley Miners’ Village Associates.  In 2022, our open hours are 10 am to 5 pm, Thursday through Sunday. 
Admission to the event is $10, $9, and $8 and will run from 10 am to 5 pm each day.   
Be sure to check out Arts on Fire at the Scranton Iron Furnaces and Rail Fest the weekend of June 11th.   

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