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Carbon County Contractor Under 40 Gets Recognized as the #1 Remodeler Statewide

Carbon County Contractor Under 40 Gets Recognized as the #1 Remodeler Statewide
The Pennsylvania Builders Association's Annual Gala was graced by Pennsylvania state senators, business and chamber leaders, and the like this past Friday February 21st, 2020 at the Valley Forge Casino just outside of Philadelphia.  Black ties, entertainment and great music filled the space as over 270 business leaders, dignitaries, and interested parties in the construction industry shared an evening of celebration and reflection on the happenings of the 2019 past year.
One of those celebrations; was the recognition of three young professionals under the age of forty from Mazzella Enterprises that were recognized with the “Builder and Shaker Award” which is given annually to recognize PBA members, under 40 years old, that are leaders, industry professionals, ambitious, hard-working, civic-minded and demonstrate distinguished service to their local association as well.  Mr. Joseph Mazzella (Age 35 and CEO), Demetri Patitsas (Age 35 and former COO), and Christopher Mazzella (Age 33 and Director of Construction) were called to the stage to accept the honor.
Patitsas shared several words with the PBA audience including thanks to the Carbon Builders Association and the Carbon Chamber for their support.  Further, Patitsas mentioned “our driven and energized viewpoint has only fueled us to be more conscientious, more customer focused, and more intent on elevating the standard of construction performance in the area in order to both create beautiful residential renovation projects and open up the possibility of investment and reinvestment in the area too.  To do this, we banded together to create an outstanding team that feels very blessed along with our technicians at home to be recognized in this way this evening.  As we have grown and increased the demand for our services; we also have been recruiting good talent to the area.  In fact, Mazzella Enterprises LLC over the years has built up tremendous "social capital" in the Carbon County area.  One of its greatest "contributions" has actually been made in its support, belief, and unyielding efforts with its employees.  In a county and an industry where drugs, alcohol, and instability at home seem to be the predominate dynamics in the workforce; a bit of "social services" has had to emerge within our company.  A belief held among our youthful leadership team; is that healthier and more stable technicians produce more beautiful and outstanding building projects.  As a result, over the years we have assisted our works in regaining control of their lives by providing them second chances to apply their skills, refine them and earn income for their families.  In turn, these good  men have returned to the workforce with dignity. We have created a safe, professional, and positive work environment wherein employment of real people with real families seems to do more at times than even charity.  Moreover; we have put our belief in our men and woman and given them the opportunity to turn their lives around while beautifying the area and converting old to new, outdated to modern.  It has been our absolute honor to share the stage with them.”
Michael Troutman, President of the Carbon Builder’s Association and Deb Kleckner, Executive Officer of the Carbon Builder’s Association who attended the event in hopes that one of their own would receive the distinguished award stated that “this is the first time in CBA history that our county has ever been recognized in this way and we are so thrilled that Mazzella Enterprises got the recognition it deserved under these three professional’s leadership.
About PBA
Chartered in 1952, the Pennsylvania Builders Association is a nonprofit professional trade organization representing more than 4,000 member-companies from across the commonwealth. PBA members include builders, remodelers, material suppliers, subcontractors, consultants, lending institutions, utilities and others involved in the housing industry.
PBA serves its membership by providing proactive leadership on state regulatory and legislative issues and by offering products and services to its 32 local associations and chapters that enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of its members. PBA serves Pennsylvania communities and consumers through its steadfast efforts to protect homeownership rights and advocate for affordable housing options. PBA is affiliated with the National Association of Home Builders.  For more information, one can visit the Pennsylvania Builder Association’s website at or inquire for services at Mazzella Enterprises LLC at located at 1404 State Route 903, Jim Thorpe PA 18229.


Mazzella Enterprises PBA 2020-1 (From Left to Right):  Joseph Mazzella, Demetri Patitsas, and Christopher Mazzella


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