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Information Technology Director

Posted: 04/30/2023



Bulletin 64
POST DATE: May 2, 2023
POSITION:  Director                                                      DEPARTMENT:  Information Technology
RATE OF PAY:  $ 27.37 – 39.63 per hour                      HOURS WORKED:  7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday
                                   Rate dependent upon education, work experience, skill and ability.
Applications to be filed with Human Resources Department – County Administration Building

                by mail: Carbon County Human Resources, PO Box 129, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229, or
                email: or
                fax: 570-325-9492
BENEFITS: Highmark BC/BS, Vision, Delta Dental and Life Insurance. (First of the month following sixty (60) calendar days)
      County Retirement Plan. Aflac, optional.
      Paid time off – Holiday from start. Vacation, Sick, Personal (after completion of six (6) month Initial Employment

OVERALL OBJECTIVE OF JOB: Maintain and oversee the overall operations of the Information Technology (IT) area/department and provide assistance to other County offices experiencing Personal Computer (PC) related and networking needs.
EDUCATION/TRAINING: Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Technology, Computer Science or Information Systems Management.  Experience with supervisory skills.
WORK EXPERIENCE: At least two years working experience in data processing or computer information technology related assignments, as a computer systems analyst, computer programmer or management analyst or equivalent is required.  Knowledge of a variety of software application package or any equivalent combination of acceptable education and/or experience.
  1. Perform the installation, configuration, testing and error diagnostics and resolution of network and non-network hardware which includes, but is not limited to rack-mounted servers, stand-alone servers, network workstations, printers, scanners, tape back-up units (TBU), un-interruptible power supplies (UPS), primary domain controllers, backup domain controllers, hubs, switches, routers, modems.
  2. Establish new user accounts to the IT network.  This includes, but is not limited to, setting mail accounts, maintaining these accounts, allocation of hard disk space and resources to these accounts, setting and monitoring permissions for these accounts to access specific network resources.
  3. Perform the installation, configuration, testing and error diagnostics and resolution of network software, specifically Microsoft Windows NT Server, ver 4.0 and higher, other network operating software, Microsoft Back Office Server.
  4. Establish network/PC backup and restoration procedures and the execution of these established backup procedures using current technology.
  5. Monitor network resources and network usage and performing network diagnostics and maintenance.
  6. Design, install, diagnose, and test network wiring and connectivity.
  7. Instruct and educate network/PC users on hardware usage, software usage and other procedures set forth by the County in conjunction with the DIRECTOR (INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY).
  8. Develop prospective new avenues of network design and usage to provide continued future expansion of the existing network.
  9. Performs evaluation, installation, replacement, testing and error resolution of PC related components and peripherals.
  10. Coordinates non-County computer related vendors on sub-contracted assignments to insure the needs and interests of the County are met.  (i.e. County personnel instructions, passwords, etc.)
  11. Establish procedures for the operation of the IT area and procedures set forth by The County of Carbon.
  12. Assign and supervise the duties of other County personnel employed/assigned in/to the IT area.
  13. Process requests for data purchases from non-County sources, write software routines to extract this data, prepare invoices with County established pricing guidelines.
  14. Process requests for data from other County offices, write software routines for this extraction, deliver and/or install data in a usable format.
  15. Duties as assigned by the County Commissioners and/or County Administrator.
  16. Initiate a “County Computer Regulations, Procedures and Usage” policy statement/guidelines in conjunction with the County Commissioners to inform employees and define County computer usage, infractions and consequences of misuse.
  17. Initiate methods to promote and expose the general public, businesses and professionals from within and outside Carbon County to the advantages and opportunities that exist by becoming exposed to the data that does and will reside on the IT network.
  18. Initiate and provide modern methods and techniques for the access and retrieval of the data that does and will reside on the IT network, develop methods of generating revenue from the sale of this data, and providing modern and traditional methods for payment of this data.
  19. Initiate and implement cost saving procedures dealing with the County use of data.
  1. Must be able to speak and understand the English language in an understandable manner in order to carry out essential functions of the job.
  2. Must possess good communication and interpersonal skills.
  3. Must possess ability to function independently, have flexibility and the ability to work effectively with the public, co-workers and others.
  4. Must possess ability to maintain confidentiality in regard to client and departmental information and records.
  5. Must possess the technical knowledge of operating personal computers and other office equipment with accuracy and reasonable speed.
  6.  Must possess knowledge of principles and practices of overall computer and/or data processing activity, and the ability to effectively develop and implement these principles and practices in everyday performance of assignments to assure completion of work in compliance with requirements.
  7. Must possess knowledge of specific hardware and wiring diagrams associated with installations, as well as the limitation and problems associated with network wiring.
  8. Must possess an understanding of County departmental application software packages, such as, but not limited to Word Processing, Data Base Management, Spreadsheet, Networking, Printer Drivers, and Modem functionality.
  9. Must possess working knowledge of Personal Computer Operating Systems and network software, with the ability to diagnose and correct user errors.  This includes, but is not limited to, MS DOS, MS Windows 3X, MS Windows 9X, MS Windows NT Server, MS Windows NT Workstation, MS BackOffice and its associated programs, MS Office Profession 95-97-00, Backup software and diagnostic software.
  10. Must possess the ability to comprehend and implement the steps recommended for repairs with vendor technical support.
  11. Must possess knowledge of County of Carbon departmental and inter-departmental operations.
  12. Must possess the ability to make independent decisions when circumstances warrant such action.
  13. Must possess the ability to establish, comprehend and execute procedures and policies.
  14. Must possess a valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License.
  1. Works indoors in adequate workspace, lighting and ventilation but with fluctuating temperatures.
  2. Works with average indoor exposure to noise, but subject to frequent disruptions and high levels of stress.
  3. Normal indoor exposure to dust/dirt.
  4. Travels occasionally to sites away from the Courthouse to other County related buildings, perform required tasks, attend meetings, seminars, or to perform other job-related duties.
  5. Must deal with possible and likely stressful situations on a daily basis and be able to deal with deadlines and confrontations.
  1. Must possess ability to record, convey and present information, explain procedures and follow instructions/procedures either written or verbal.
  2. Must be able to make decisions regarding computer usage, user misuse, intentional or otherwise, and take corrective and/or defensive measures to insure complete integrity of County data.
  3. Must be able to sit for long periods throughout the workday, with intermittent periods of standing and walking, bending, kneeling, squatting, carrying, grasping and reaching.
  4. Dexterity requirements range from simple to coordinated movements of fingers and/or hands; feet/legs; and torso as necessary to carry out job duties.
  5. Must be able to pay close attention to details and concentrate on work assignments.
  6. Sedentary work with occasional lifting/carrying of objects with weights of approximately up to 50 pounds.
  7. Must be able to identify various internal and external components of Personal Computers for purposes of upgrading, enhancing, and/or replacement.
  8. Must possess mechanical skills commensurate to analyze or follow instructions, either verbal or written, as to how to remove, install and/or replace various Personal Computer memory modules, CMOS Batteries, Networking Interface Cards (NIC), and other internal PC components.
  9. Must deal with possible and likely stressful situations on a daily basis and be able to deal with deadlines and confrontations.


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